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The Filips d.o.o. company was founded in 1996 in Vodice and specializes in civil engineering, excavation and all preparatory works in construction.
Other than civil engineering the company specializes in transportation with trucks, flatbed trailers for all types of freight, including special transportation as well. We would like to draw your attention to the services of transportation and handling of special types of freight with a truck crane of 45 T.

In order to complete construction works our company provides services of stone crushing with special machinery.

Since 2003 our company has developed special services of electrical fitting.

Today our company employs 50-odd experts and specialized staff whose expertise you can verify by checking our numerous references.

In addition to having professional staff we are also equipped with the latest machinery and tools necessary for all types of construction and electrical fitting. You can see the detailed list of our equipment on the equipment page.

List of our expert staff
Bachelor of economics University degree 1
BS in electrical engineering University degree 2
Electrical engineer College degree 1
BS in Civil engineering - associate University degree 1
Construction site manager - Construction technician Vocational school degree 1
Sales specialist Vocational school degree 1
Accounting manager Vocational school degree 1
Construction machinery operator Vocational school degree 9
Construction machinery and concrete mixer truck operator Vocational school degree 1
Wireman and construction machinery operator Vocational school degree 1
Carpenter Vocational school degree 1
Bricklayer Vocational school degree 6
Trainee bricklayer Semi-qualification 1
Driver and construction machinery operator Vocational school degree 1
Driver Vocational school degree 2
Wireman Vocational school degree 17
Crane driver Vocational school degree 1
Worker Low-qualification 1

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