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References 2007
Investor Description of works Total cost Kn  
HŽ infr., razvoj i inv., Zagreb Construction works on connection road and removal of RRC (road railway crossing) on 287+923 km, securing the RRC in 287+361 km of the Knin-Split railway. 531.412,29  
HŽ infr., razvoj i inv., Zagreb Construction works and the removal of RRC on 287+923 km, in the secured RRC 287+316 km of Knin-Split railway Contract Annex No. 415/06-92 61.766,00  
HŽ infr., razvoj i inv., Zagreb Contract No. N039986 - Paving of RRC on 55+950 km of Knin-Zadar railway 18.055,00  
City of Šibenik Construction works on the public lighting system along the promenade in Grebaštica Donja 57.989,65  
City of Šibenik Construction works on Mažurice unclassified roads 151.000,00  
City of Šibenik Construction and electrical works on Brodarica public lighting system by Contract Annex 147.944,10  
City of Šibenik Annex II on construction of Brodarica public lighting system 124.476,00  
Vodovod i odvodnja Šibenik We are working on the Rešačka street water supply line 54.461,06  
Vodovod i odvodnja Šibenik Water supply line works in Brodarica community 198.366,38  
Monter strojarske montaže d.d. Construction work on the gas pipeline DN500 from MČS (intermediate cleaning station) Rijeka to MRS (gauging-reduction station) Rijeka, East Kukuljanovo 4.428,886,50  
Monter strojarske montaže d.d. Contract Annex No. U-2017/06/K1- branch gas pipeline MČS Rijeka to MRS Rijeka East Kukuljanovo DN 500/75 550.213,00  
Šibenik Port Authority Construction work on industrial rail track, reconstruction of crane way and Šibenik port - Rogač coast rainwater drainage, in the amount of HRK 3,058,068.00 net with the Annex in the amount HRK 360,000.00 3.058.068,00  
HEP-elektrodalmacija Split According to Contract number 123/07 (FIN-230/07) construction work is carried out on 20 kV cable Selca–Povlja route 180.911,50  
UPO Ug. br. 139/07(Fin-253/07) Electrical fitting work on the reconstruction of 0,4 kV network Zmijavci 4 (Mečeljevo) 76.487,29  
HEP operativni sustavi DP Karlovac

Construction and electrical work:
A) MV cables of 35 kV 10(20) KV, LV cables of 0,4 kV
     and cables SS 10(20)/04 kV
B) MV TL 10(20) kV and tower-mounted SS (20)/0, 4 kV
C) overhad low-voltage network 0.4 kV

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